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Journal and Newsletter Requirements

TEAL Manitoba Journal welcomes submissions from teachers, students, academics, and anyone interested in the field of teaching English as an additional language. There are three regular sections in the journal:

Features: These articles can be theoretical or practical. The range of articles in this section includes: classroom-based activities, methods, strategies, workshop presentations, theoretical and/or academic perspectives, and issues in the TEAL/TESL profession. Articles may include example worksheets, and all articles must include a reference list of materials consulted and quoted when writing the article.

Beyond the Classroom: This section features perspectives about how to keep balance in our lives. The ideas here focus on the whole person and not just our professional selves. These articles can be personal reflections and do not require a reference list.

Reviews: Reviews of teaching materials and resources are written by practicing teachers and instructors. A bibliographic reference of the resource being reviewed must be included with the review.

TEAL News: This section includes updates and news from and about the various associations and schools that are related to teaching EAL in Manitoba.

TEAL Manitoba encourages you to make submissions to any of these sections of the journal. Please submit articles to the editors as a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment whenever possible. We also accept paper hard copies, as long as they are double-spaced typed documents. Please ensure your submissions arrive by the deadlines listed.

The editors make final publication decisions, but regularly seek advice from the TEAL Manitoba Executive at its monthly meetings. If you wish to collaborate in the editing of your submission, please let the editors know. We appreciate your input and assistance.

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Article Submission Deadlines (2014/15 academic year):
To be announced.


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